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We believe in building and maintaining long-term relationships. 
Read what our clients have to say about Style-Line Construction.

"Style-Line is very well organized and efficient in construction management.  The onsite managers pay close attention to detail and
they ensure that their projects are completed in accordance to project plans.  Their team shows pride in the quality of their work. 
Style-Lines’ team communicates extremely well, which is crucial.  Style-Line's follow up, even after notice of completion, is excellent; 
which is a testament to their reputation and long term client relationships."

Bee Sweet Citrus
"Not only has Style-Line proven to be an exceptional contractor, but their service is exemplary before and after the job is completed. 
You can always count on them to be on the job to resolve any issues."


Joe Garcia, President - JI Construction

“It’s been a pleasure working with Style-Lines’ team. The crew is always accommodating and professional. Mario and Zaul, the onsite
 managers, keep a close eye on progress to ensure the project is on track and they address any issues through clear communication. I
have and will continue to recommend Style-Lines’ services.”


Mike Jones, General Superintendant/Site Safety & Health Officer/ QC Manager, Cooper Chase Construction  

“Style-Line’s team is very easy and cooperative to work with.  In addition, they are very responsive.  Frank is a great person and has
helped us out on projects beyond the scope of Style-Lines’ responsibility while they were onsite.  The crew is very nice, professional
and effective.”


Pastor Brad Grams - West McKinley Church

“Style-Line is a great, on the job company.  The Best I’ve ever dealt with.  They excel in communication, performance and delivery
of promise!”


Dan Boitano, Vice President - Valley Wide Beverage Company 

“Style-Line is a very experienced, dependable and timely company.  They do what they say they will do! The service is very, very good
before and after completion of the project.  They address any repair or service required, even after the job is complete.  Great people
to work with and I am very happy with the service.”


Ken Engelman, Engineering Manager, RGM Products/GAF Fresno

 “Brandon and Frank are very professional, competent and knowledgeable.  They have great customer service skills, they listen and
are thorough about details.  The response time is very quick with any questions or concerns and they are always willing to go the
extra mile.  I am very happy with the service and enjoyed working with them.  I would definitely hire Style-Line again if I have other


Andy Singh, CPA, Sole Practitioner

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